Who are Shine?

Shine Fostering is a unique agency in that we will only recruit the people who have that special something to care for a child/young person. The Director, Khush Green, is very clear that we will always remain a small company with a limited number of carers who are able to offer the best life chances for children in care.
When you join Shine you can be assured that we know it’s the little things that sometimes matter the most. We offer our children a Welcome Bag shortly after they arrive at our foster carer’s home. We also make sure that we find out what interests our children/young people and that they are remembered on their birthdays with a gift and a card.

Opportunity to train

Have you ever thought of a career in training or counselling ?– Our carers come to us with unique skills, something that we value and encourage our carers to share, it’s a great way to learn and connect with your Shine colleagues!
We offer training by experts and online training that has become a really great way of reviewing our carers’ skills and for our carers it is a valuable way to gauge progress and self-reflective practice.

Below is an example of some of the training offered to our Foster Carers:-

Positive Identity and Self Esteem
Caring for Traumatized Children
Social Media & Young People
Global Development Delay
Autism Spectrum Disorder

We also offer advanced courses in Safe Guarding, Child Sexual Exploitation, (CSE) Also, we believe that training on Attachment and Trauma is something that we all have to address on a continual basis, without any understanding of these we know we cannot effectively help our children.

What is Fostering?

Fostering is caring for a child/ren who are unable to remain at their family home for various reasons. These children are placed with the Local Authority who accommodate them. It is vital that we are able to provide warm, nurturing homes where they are valued and respected. COULD THAT FAMILY/PERSON BE YOU? IF SO READ ON.

What do I need?

* A spare bedroom
* At least one carer at home
* Helpful but not essential to have experience of children and young people
* Ability to want to learn and engage with others
* has not committed a serious offence
* A caring personality
* A commitment to the assessment process of learning new skills
* Some life experience

The Shine Process to Fostering

* Contact the Shine office via phone or email to make your offer to foster in Stage 1

* We will arrange for a telephone interview – if your offer is successful the following will take place:

* Shine will arrange an initial home visit – if the offer to foster is still available we will collect initial information. It is important that you are aware of our ethos and practice

* Shine will arrange for Skills to Foster at our offices

* Shine will undertake relevant checks to be completed, DBS, medical, educational, social services etc.

* Shine will instruct an F Form assessor who after the third visit and discussing with the Agency Decision Maker – Shine will inform you that your offer of being a foster carer will have moved to stage 2

* In stage 2 the assessor will continue to complete the F Form and collect relevant information

* Our Champion Child will visit your home and complete a brief assessment together with the assessing social worker

* The Shine Director will visit you at your home or arrange a meeting prior to panel

* Once the assessment is completed it will be presented to the panel – which you attend with the assessing social worker and another supportive person (if you wish). At the Shine panel we like to see all your immediate fostering family

* Shine panel make a recommendation to the Agency Decision Maker (ADM) as to your application

* ADM will ring you in 48hours of decision being made and in writing in seven days.

* Receive a welcome bag and complete signing of your Foster care Agreement


What do I have to do?

* If you are interested – just pick up the phone and have an initial chat with our very warm and professional team. We welcome people from all backgrounds, because what is most important to us is that you are able to offer our children the warmth and stability they need.

It’s good to talk and during the initial phone call make sure you have your questions ready and we’ll do our best to help you with your decision.